Robert Moody presents The Orchestra Unplugged | Beethoven Inside Out

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Robert Moody presents The Orchestra Unplugged | Beethoven Inside Out

Beethoven Inside Out 


Robert Moody and Memphis Symphony Orchestra take the Beethoven Symphony No. 7 and completely dissect it! The first hour of the concert will feature Maestro Moody serving as host as he digs deep into the history and architecture of Beethoven’s 7th, one of the most famous symphonies ever written. (Did you know that Beethoven 7 has been prominently featured in several major motion pictures, including “The King’s Speech” and “Moneypit!”) 

Moody says, “I will try to make this 'informance' very enjoyable; my delivery will be 'college professor meets Jimmy Fallon!'"

Memphis Symphony Orchestra will play small excerpts of the symphony; sometimes only the melody, other times only the accompanying harmony and rhythm, highlighting insight into how the work was put together.  

And then, after intermission, Memphis Symphony Orchestra will perform the entire 37-minute symphony as it was meant to be performed, but with text on-screen above the orchestra, guiding the audience through the experience in a “play-by-play” manner.

Date & Time

October 18, 2019 @ 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM


225 S Main St. , Memphis, TN 38103 View Map

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