Leading From Every Chair

Leading From Every Chair

Leading from Every Chair

What is Leading From Every Chair?

Leading From Every Chair® is a day-long workshop that pulls back the curtain on the Memphis Symphony Orchestra to reveal effective teamwork, successful leadership and creative problem-solving that lead to stellar performances.

Through a series of hands-on activities, participants are:

  • Stimulated by the high level of personal commitment exhibited by each member of the orchestra and its impact on a successful final product.
  • Challenged to evaluate their own communication style against the efficient, concise communication models presented by the orchestra.
  • Inspired by the spirit of mutual respect and cooperation that lead to a clearly defined goal.

While the musicians on stage might not seem to have much in common with business people, they share the same needs for clear, timely communication, inspiration, workplace respect, and motivation toward a specific goal. Leading From Every Chair® takes apart the components of a working team, explores them from multiple perspectives, and then puts them all together into a finished product—the performance of a great piece of music. The workshop will give you the opportunity to observe, participate, reflect on and apply the principles observed in your work environment.

For more information contact the Memphis Symphony at info@memphissymphony.org or call (901) 537-2500.