The Ellen Cooper Klyce & Martha Milford Boyd Fellowship

KATIE BROWN, viola - The Ellen Cooper Klyce & Martha Milford Boyd Fellowship

Katie Brown, viola 

The Ellen Cooper Klyce & Martha Milford Boyd Fellow


Q: The age-old question, when did you start playing your instrument?

A:  I started playing viola at the age of 9 in my elementary school’s music program.


Q: What impact has music had on your life, up to this point?

A:  The viola has had a significant impact on my life. Primarily, it has taught me that I am capable of working really hard at something. I can set a goal that seems quite lofty and work towards achieving it. In the same breath, I can also say that the viola has taught me to keep going. Playing the viola is the hardest thing I do and not much about it comes easy to me. And in spite of the lows I have experienced in pursing my goals, I’ve learned to bounce back and keep pushing.


Q: What made you decide to choose the program offered at Memphis?

A:  I chose the program at the University of Memphis because of everything it has to offer. I have a desire to be an orchestral musician and I want to continue to refine my playing. Having the opportunity to play with the Memphis Symphony Orchestra while simultaneously getting an Artist Diploma at the University of Memphis is directly in line with my goals.


Q: Apart from music, what are some of your other interests?

A:  Besides viola, I really love cooking. I’m vegan and like to try and create new recipes. I also enjoy podcasting. I have a podcast called Classically Black Podcast where my friend and I talk about classical music from the Black perspective. When I’m not doing those two things, I like traveling, boxing, and learning French!


Katie currently co-hosts a classical music podcast, Classically Black. 

CLICK HERE to listen.