The Judith And Sheldon Korones Memorial Fellowship

ALLISON LOVERA, violin - The Judith And Sheldon Korones Memorial Fellowship

Allison Lovera, violin

The Judith And Sheldon Korones Memorial Fellow

Given by their children, David Korones and Susan Korones Gifford

Q: Tell us about your background – family, early childhood, hometown life.

I grew up in a small town of Venezuela approximately 2 hours away from Caracas. I used to have some attention problems at school, and the area of the kindergarden where I used to pay more attention, was the musical instruments area. This is why the teacher recommended my mom to get me into a music school. I started my musical studies when I was 4 years old with the recorder. Nobody in my family is a musician, and my family never had the possibility to afford any type of instruments or go to concerts, but my mom says I always had tons of qualities that showed her and my kindergarden teacher that music was going to be my path, and that she would do anything to support me and my future career as a musician.


Q: The age-old question, when did you start playing your instrument? 

I started playing the violin when I was 7 years old, I fell in love of the instrument when I saw a girl practicing in one of the classrooms of the music school. 


Q: What impact has music had on your life, up to this point?

My entire career as a musician has had an incredible impact in myself as a person in a personal and professional level. The fact that every day I learn something new with my instrument makes me always open my eyes and ears to the little details, motivating me to have tons of discipline but at the same time flexibility in my life. With music I have had the amazing oportunity to work with amazing world renowed conductors like Claudio Abbado, Sir Simon Rattle, Gustavo Dudamel among others, who are not only amazing maestros, but also spectacular human beings. With music I have also opened myself to other areas beyond the playing, I've had the opportunity to learn about teaching, I've worked as translator/interpreter for different Maestros and even also learned a little about management, and production. On the personal level, music had given me so many opportunities to travel to places I never thought I was going to be able to travel, it made me aware that as artists, we have the power to spread the most powerful messages through music, and to help people in need. 


Q: What made you decide to choose the program offered at Memphis?

I believe this program will help me prepare in a high level to achieve one more step towards accomplishing my goal of getting an orchestra position in the upcoming years.


Q: Apart from music, what are some of your other interests?

I am very interested in poetry (mostly in spanish haha), psychology topics, I want to start some courses in business administration and producing, I would like to learn German, and I am also into exercising, going to parks, trying good food, and animals mostly dogs.